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Circuito Nivel guida all’uso del menu

14 giu 2012

Girovagando sul tubo quasi per coincidenza abbiamo scovato questo video, che spiega il menu del circuito Nivel

Il chip Nivel si può acquistare da Svoemesto

Ne ricordiamo le caratteristiche:

Boosting one 3.7v battery with next features:
- Variable voltage. Boosts from 3.0 to 6.0 volts with 0.1v step;
- Variable wattage. Masures your Ohms and gives the voltage needed. Regulated from 5 to 14 Watts;
- Boot loader, gives a possibility to update firmware online, so not needed to buy “next version” mods.
- 3.5 Amps limit;
- Ohm-meter;
- Second menu for “few clicks” fast up and down swithcing;
- Short circuit protrction;
- On\off switch;
- Battery monitoring;
- Thermal monitoring;
- 16 seconds cutoff;
- Reverse barrery protection(with indication);
- Inhails per hour suppresser(if you’d like to use it);
- Worktime counter(allows you to find the best battery);
- Can be used with any charger\passthrough slot;
- 7 gradations of brightness for display and button;
- Proudly made in Russia.


avevamo visto il video prima che venisse caricato, ma poi postato su ECF qui

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